[ENGLISH] 2016 JUNHO Birthday Project “SHOOTING STAR”



Charity Project

In celebrating 26th (27th of Korean age) of JUNHO’s birthday, Lee Junho Indonesia (@JUNHO_FANID) is encouraging Hottest to be a part of our project to be a donor for Mitra Netra.

Mitra Netra is a foundation that was established by some visually impaired people together with their friends who are not visually impaired; They are some of the very few people who are concerned about the lack of support services and facilities for the visually impaired people.

The funds that have been collected will be used to finance:

  1. Mental rehabilitation services in the form of counseling services;
  2. Courses for visually impaired, comprising: a computer course to speak, read and write Braille courses, abacus (sempoa) courses, orientation and mobility courses, and Language Club;
  3. Inclusive education services in Jakarta and surrounding areas;
  4. Services for parents who have young children with visual impairments, such as counseling and learn to read and write in Braille;
  5. Book distribution services for people with visual impairments; and
  6. Work preparation services for visually impaired people.


We are hoping many Hottest are willing to join this project, to share some of joy ^_^


Read more about Mitra Netra here.


Fund Collection

We are happy to receive your warm heart and love towards Junho. We are accepting donation for overseas fans which can be made through our Paypal.

To those who donates above USD 15, we will send a gift set (coin case + folded postcard + sticker) to your mailing address. Shipping fee is your responsible and we are happy to provide you with your preferred shipping method (EMS or airmail).

Besides a donation, you also can pre order our special fan goods “JANUARY JUNHO”. You can check details of the fangoods here.

Gifts and fan goods are expected to be shipped before Junho’s birthday ^_^


Fund Collection Period

~ January 4, 2016


How To Donate

  1. Please, send your donation to our Paypal address: marsyasin27@yahoo.com.
  2. After sending the donation, please fill this form.
  3. We will send you a confirmation that we’ve received your donation ❤ Please, contact us if you do not receive the confirmation after 48 hours.
  4. Please, do not hesitate to send your question directly to our e-mail: projectjhfid@gmail.com (private QnA) or Twitter @JUNHO_FANID.




Lee Junho Indonesia (@JUNHO_FANID)


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