[PROJECT REPORT] Lee Junho 25/26th Birthday Project “Happy Birthday, Mr. Lee!” (ENGLISH)

Project Report

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Lee!”

By Lee Junho Indonesia (@JUNHO_FANID)


Hello, HOTTEST ^o^

Lee Junho Indonesia (@JUNHO_FANID) has done a fundraising (donation) starting from December 22nd 2014 – January 11th 2015.  We have sent the collected funds to Wahana Visi Indonesia to sponsor an Indonesian child, as we explained before during the fundraising period.

The whole project report is explained below:

A.   Donation

1.    Total of Donation

Direct Donation : IDR 3,950,000

Album/Goods Sales : IDR 440,000

Lee Junho Indonesia : IDR 110,000

Total : IDR 4,500,000


2. List of Donors


3. Expenses

Polaroid Printing Cost : IDR 237,500

Sticker Printing Cost : IDR 30,000

Card Printing Cost : IDR 12,000

Shipping Cost (Local Shipping) : IDR 246,000

Total Expenses : IDR 525,500

(All expenditures using Lee Junho Indonesia’s private funds)

Gift Printing Bill


Gift packages for donors





B. Charity Project (Child Sponsoship)


1. Sponsorship:


  • Name             : Widi Arasius YANTO
  • Date of Birth : December 26th 2010

2. Sponsorship Period             : 30 months

3. Total Cost of Sponsorship : IDR 4,500,000

TTD (1)

Sponsorship receipt from Wahana Visi Indonesia


This is the end of Junho’s 25th (26th of Korean age) birthday project report.

We hope that all participants’ kindness and generosity through this charity project can be useful for the child we sponsored. Lee Junho Indonesia would like to thank all Hottests who helped us bring success to this project, especially for all donors, thank you for being part of this project.


Thank you.


Best Regards,

Lee Junho Indonesia (@JUNHO_FANID)


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