[INDONESIAN HOTTEST] DETAIL OF “JUNHO EARCAP” from junhogoods.co.kr , please CHECK!!

Junho Goods from @3gyetang

A. specifications :
– pic A&B » Junho Earcap
– pic C » Junho Electromagnetic Waves (this is for your phone-can be used for all phone! we give you an image for EXAMPLE (right pic) and what you will get is “Junho SAY YES” (left pic))
– pic D » Junho Stickers,2pcs (desain will reveal later, but for example you can see the image we give–remember this image only EXAMPLE to give you an imagination)

B. Price : Rp 135.000,00 (including EMS+ tax fee+tax to send Money+freeShipping jabodetabek)
*sorry for raising the price.Because at first we are wrong in translating the announcement from korea [since it’s hangul] so we were wrong calculated the price. Besides, after we’ve checked the tax,ems price is increasing now and we must change method payment to Korea using Western Union which has high tax too.*

C. Schedule :
– Registration : 13/05/2013 – 07/06/2013
– Payment :
13/05/2013 – 10/06/2013 (before pk 15.30 WIB)

D. Shipping :
At the end of June.
FREE SHIPPING to JABODETABEK, besides that area pls check jne.co.id (from Jakarta Barat to your place)

E. How to order?
please fill this form : www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/IVas8Za6diSt5Ne13eCl

after that , we will reply ur email and tell u our bank account. We will reply all email on 9PM since all admin work from 8AM till 8PM.
* for everyone who had sent us an email before, please fill the order form again , sorry for the inconvinience.

*more info pls mention us @JUNHO_FANID.




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