Our NEW PROJECT is #HoBanner it is for all of you who like to draw guys ^^

– This #HoBanner project start from April, 19 until May, 19. You have (1 MONTH) to participate our project guys.

– All of you can join this project. “INCLUDE OVERSEAS HOTTEST” 🙂

– There will be “ONLY ONE WINNER” for this project

– The winner will get a GOODIES SET (consists of 2PM clock, 2PM HandsUp poster, 2PM Pin, 2PM junho postcard)

– To join #HoBanner project, all you have to do is create a banner design and send it to us 🙂

– We will make a winner design into a real one and will use it for our events ahead. #HoBanner ^0^

The qualifications :

1. There’s must be JHFID Logo in Banner Design
2. The birghtness appropriated the lighting in the room.
3. There Must be Lee Junho Name and a symbol of lee junho like a crown.
4. Designer must explain min 2 point of the meaning from the banner designed.
5. Forbidden to edit Lee Junho’s Fans Picture.
6. Size : 7x 1,5 m with resolution 700 save as .png
7. Send banner designed to
8. Color : CMYK

PJ : Fitri (@fmrainlove) or Ratu (@ratu_dp)

Let’s Join the project and be the winner..


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