We couldn’t be more proud of Junho and his first ever written, produced and published song, “Give It To Me”! In order to commemorate this significant accomplishment in his career, we’ll be creating a Gold record for “Give It To Me” that will be framed, engraved and has custom artwork on the record. It is being made from the same exact manufacturer that makes all of the Gold and Platinum record awards for the RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America…so in other words, Junho will be given the same records that artists like Kanye West, Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc are given when they are given Gold or Platinum record awards.

This custom artwork will be created by 2OD’s design team, LOVE2AD, and the engraved placard will have all of the usual wordings that a typical award would have, but instead of sales numbers, it will have a message from 2OD, JUNHOBRAND & SMILING EYES! :D

The cost is about $150. Sounds like a lot, but it’s very special and well worth it! n__n Please donate to help us purchase this special gift for Lee Junho! ^^

Come on all Junho fans all over the world! Let’s all support and participate in this project! Please donate and/or leave some inspiring/ congratulatory message to our amazing Junho! ♥ If you are a member of 2OD, please donate through them. If you do not, please send me a mention on twitter @JUNHOBRAND and I will help you donate to this project ^^  No donation is too small and no message is too short!


this project is belong to @twooneday @TheSmilingEyes @JUNHOBRAND

*) if you guys want to join, you can mention @junho_fanid or rep this email because we already make a friend with them and we can help you ^^


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